With a background in informatics and since 1992 entrepreneur in his own software and informatics company Ruud has contributed to the change processes in many organizations. As a consultant he often connected the various levels in organizations and that combined with his own experience as an entrepreneur makes him unique.

Ruud is a sustainable entrepreneur with a clear vision on the future. With focus on health, climate and changes towards a better world. A trendsetter: "it's already possible”. Ruud can show you the world of tomorrow and the impact of it on our lives. In addition, Ruud is also an energetic healer.

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The world is changing fast. Society is evolving and with it also our economy. Ruud sees a new world, a new society with new economy. A world with new values, where competition has disappeared. Cooperation in partnerships with better sharing of means and revenues.

As an entrepreneur, he is creating and building this new economy, this new world. Ruud has his focus on a healthy climate for entrepreneurship, honest products that make a positive contribution to wellness and health for people and a sustainable world. Strengthen each other’s competencies and growing to a better life in a better world.

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If this appeals to you, please contact Ruud. For an open conversation to share each others vision on the world, the future and new businesses.

From his business Ruud helps you as a consultant, creator and implementor to make your organization more sustainable and future proof.